Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


UPDATE: looks like the demo is working! H/T: Vasara Hammer

Patriots, every last one of them.

No one is saying that they’re aren’t some in actual need, but the overwhelming percentage of these people are young males in search of better living conditions, not running from fear of their lives. Even if the latter was the case, their job is to stay and fight for their homeland, not leg it for the west.

Organizer of Close theTornio border demonstration: “Of course there’s some in need of  assistance”

Protesters were encouraged to dress as the 1995 ice hockey final.
Protesters were encouraged to dress as if they were in the 1995 ice hockey final.

According to the organizer of the Close the Borders demonstration, Raimo Toppalan, about three hundred people participated in the event against the Government’s immigration policy.

“It went as planned. We calmly showed the mind of the people on this issue,” Toppala says.

 There was both Finnish and Swedish police on the border of. Also, according to the police, the protest passed off peacefully.

The protesters walked to the border, and formed a human wall to symbolize the closure of the border. They also expressed their views through a megaphone.

“We have had enough with the irresponsible government’s fooling around, which makes no sense at all,” says Toppala.

The demonstrators demanded the government’s resignation and termination of asylum seekers’ “uncontrolled” entry.

“Of course there are those who are in need of accommodation. They should be helped in their country,” says Toppala.

Next, he travelled to Kemi, where a similar protest was held in the afternoon. On Facebook Kemi protest 740 people  enrolled for the demo, but about 300 people arrived to the area.

The demonstration procession walked along the promenade of Kemi. The protesters carried signs calling for, among other things, a restraint of entry.

“We have to pull together,” said Toppala before the start of the Kemi demonstration.

HS H/T: Jukka Ketonen

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