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Czechs and Slovaks Against Refugees and Merkel

The member states of the European Union that are behind the former Iron Curtain are mounting the strongest resistance against the push to accept refugees, which is being led by Germany. They may eventually face EU fines for their stubbornness, and may even be willing to exit Schengen and/or the EU to avoid having to take their share of migrants. The big question is: could their economies withstand the damage in the event of such an outcome?

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Die Welt:

Tough Stance: Czechs and Slovaks Against Refugees and Merkel

Czechia is scaring refugees off with brutal deportation camps. The Prime minister of Slovakia considers the acceptance of immigrants a “crazy idea.” Their goal: stop distribution quotas.

by Hans-Jörg Schmidt in Prague

During the night between Monday and Tuesday, thousands of refugees traveled unhindered from Budapest, through Vienna to Germany. 200 others chose the wrong route. They wanted to go to Germany by way of Slovakia and Czechia. But it ended in the Slovak-Czech border train station Breclav. Units of the Czech police were already waiting for the trains, and took the immigrants off, including 61 children.

They put handcuffs on some of them and shipped them to gyms nearby, Later, they went from these to refugee- or deportation camps. “All we did was uphold our laws and the Dublin Treaty, independently of whatever other countries are doing,” was how the government defended their approach.

The follow-up procedure: If an asylum seeker can be directed to another EU country, he is sent there. The others are interned in deportation camps behind high walls topped by razor wire. They have to surrender all their worldly goods and cell phones and have to pay for the food they receive.

Practically No One Applies for Asylum in Czechia

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