Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Muslim settlers seen clapping.

They care more about non-citizens than the Finns themselves. This is all being done in the misguided belief that the importation of WHOMEVER and in mass numbers, will benefit the Finnish welfare state in the future. They’re dead wrong, on every claim which can be seen around Europe and even in the US.

Resolution: Foreigners get priority in rented housing – low-income wage earners suffer

Who have received a residence permit access to the city’s rented accommodation is to be facilitated.

Päivi Tuovinen

Low-income Finns are in danger of remaining marginalized in resident choices, if the government gets through an amendment to a law in the criteria on state-subsidized rental housing allocation.

The draft Law realizes the number of foreigners will increase significantly on the rental housing waiting lists, while up to now there has been in force a requirement for at least one year residence permit be removed. In the amendment it sets out that all with residence permits are eligible to apply to take state-subsidized housing.

In practice, residence permits are not granted on a scale of less than three months, ie a shorter time staying in Finland would not be in the future legitimate for government-sponsored housing rent queues.

Deputy Mayor Hannu Penttilä who’s responsible for land use and housing policy in Vantaa,  fears that the legislative amendment would increase the number of eligible persons to obtain apartments significantly. Penttilä has prepared the City of Vantaa’s declaration, about the law change. For timetabling reasons it has not yet been addressed by the decision-making bodies.

– The settlement of all those granted a residence permit is a major challenge for municipalities, as the number of asylum seekers is growing exponentially, Penttilä fears.

The City of Vantaa emphasizes that, if enacted, the bill would significantly increase the demand for affordable housing, particularly in growth centers and in the Helsinki region, which already has a shortage of affordable rental housing.

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4 Responses

  1. It is hard to imagine this being anything but cultural suicide.

    What kind of fools have these Finnish “elites” become? Are they capable of adding 1 and 1 together?

    Has Muslim integration into Southern Thailand worked out? What about the Philippines?

    Absolute, 100% lunacy – Finnish “elites” have lost their minds.

    1. They are beholden to the false meme pumped out by the echo chamber think tanks that anyone can be groomed into being a productive economic plus contributor regardless of culture and ideology. It’s highly moronic, and its being parroted throughout the finnish business and political spectrum. Highly frustrating listening to them bloviate.

  2. This has been the situation with British social housing for at least the last 2 decades.

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