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And the overwhelming majority thought it to be great!

This is the muddled thinking, we have to behave according to their values and norms regardless of whether we are in their state, or even in our own.

NOTE: These are the very same kind of clowns most likely to marry these settlers and wear the full anti-male bag.


Manual for female students: Open neck apparel to be hidden so that asylum seekers won’t be embarrassed

North Savo Institute is endeavoring to facilitate 16-17-year-old asylum seekers by the integration of dress codes for female students.

According to dorm counselors, women dressing more appropriately would help in meeting with asylum-seekers from Muslim countries.

Sign Language instructor-student Iitu Heilimo considers it a good idea.

– For example, in greeting, they will be able to focus on the situation and not on a confused moment when women appear with revealed skin.

Heilimo emphasizes that the students wanted to welcome Afghani, Iraqi and Somali boys arriving on Monday, .

– Almost all were of the view that, of course, put something on. No need to have ample neck openings. Nobody was demanded to put much on but a little higher collared shirt or scarf around the neck.

According to the traditional view in Islamic countries, women should dress more fully. Many Muslim women cover their hair, some even the neck and shoulders. The most extreme outfit is a robe that covers the entire body.

Heilimo believes, that asylum seekers coming from different cultures have other habits than Finns.

Institute’s new residents intend to adapt to Finland. They have quickly learned the greeting words.

– We all live under the same roof and in a way roommates. We have taught them card games. Lovely to see how they are trying to speak Finnish. It seems that they have very successfully adapted, Heilimo estimates.

A common language has been difficult to find, because very few asylum seekers speak English.

Afghani Nawid feels puzzlement over the questions of Finnish women’s dress.

– It’s not a problem.

For him, the most important thing now is to learn the Finnish language, and access to education.

When the talk turns to the Taliban oppressing in the home region, grief and anxiety rises to the surface. Concern about family members is great. The fate of his father, he does not know. The mother wanted her son in Finland, because she had heard it to be a safe country.

More here in Finnish H/T: Jukka Ketonen

NOTE: The rest of the article is simple dictation of everything the Muslim settlers wanted the fake journalist for the SavonSanomat to hear. It’s all roses, and it will all be alright, in spite of the fact of all the evidence to the contrary around Europe which speaks otherwise.

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