Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Throwing cash all around!

They’re also taking taxis from Tornio to Helsinki & Turku in southern Finland. These fares costing more than 1400 euros.


Taxis from Stockholm toTornio – among asylum seekers a new phenomenon

On Monday night more than 40 asylum-seekers came to the Tornio facility center.

Immigration Tornio facility center
According to police, asylum seekers from Stockholm came to Tornio by taxi. In the picture,  asylum seekers are transported in Tornio from the city center to the reception center. Image: Yle

A new phenomenon in isolated small groups of asylum seekers who have come by taxi from Stockholm to the border between Haparanda and Tornio, says a police officer. All in all, last night more than 40 asylum-seekers came over the Swedish border to the Tornio facility center.

Customs discovered during the night one man sought by police.

Yesterday there were registered a record number of asylum seekers, a total of 418. The police will tell you that the increase in registration number tells, above all, the fact that the organization of the Centre’s operations are efficient and well-established.

Yesterday from Tornio, nine bus-loads of registered asylum-seekers were sent to reception centers throughout Finland.

YLE H/T: Susanna Kaukinen

NOTE: That kills the recent story of the tidal wave of Muslim settlers was ebbing.

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  1. First of all, I hope they are using Uba! It’s cheaper! lol This disorganization of immagrants must stop! Europe is in so much trouble, but out of total ignorance and naivity, they just keep taking in more people who they know nothing about. What a “terror”able opportunity this is! The problem is that we will all pay, not just the ignorant. It’s really sad that nobody gives a damn about the homeless in their countries, but they will let potentially dangerous people into their borders so easily.

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