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The mediocrity that we have in government crosses all political lines and borders, it’s everywhere.

On the one hand they admit to a systemic +200 000 unemployed in a country of five million. The same geniuses then gladly import tens of thousands of tribal muslim settlers from Iraq that add to the national debt, and who are now being seen as the “jackpot” in filling open positions in the job market (though none speak either Finnish or even English and will take years and lots of money to complete) but won’t be able to fill any of these positions any time soon.

NOTE: It’s a classic example of ideology trumping human experience, reason and logic in pursuit of utopian goals.

Ensimmäiset turvapaikanhakijat saapuivat Tornion järjestelykeskukseen tiistaina.

Poverty in Finland on rise

Despite the fact that poverty in Finland has been dropping for the past 20 years, a new study from the University of Turku shows that the number of poor in the country is on the rise and the gap between rich and poor is widening.

Nuori odottaa te-palveluita
Young person waiting at an employment office. Finnish text on the floor reads “wait here.” File photo.Image: Antti Kolppo / Yle

A new study says that one in ten Finns are poor and that the gap between the very rich and those living in poverty is on the increase. A social policy professor at the University of Turku, Veli-Matti Ritakallio says that those especially hard hit by poverty are families with children, single parents and people who live on their own.

“Money running out a few days before the next payout day is typical for a poor family,” Riitakallio says. “Bills remain unpaid and the personal economic situation becomes more difficult to handle.”

Also young adults are hit particularly hard, he says.

“In the past young adulthood was seen as an opportunity to get a job, start a family and buy an apartment,” he says. “The future seemed appealing. Now, young adulthood is seen as a societal risk.”

One reason behind the increase in poverty, Riitakallio says, is the cost of housing.


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