Islam in Germany MUSLIM SETTLERS


And if they weren’t in that refugee camp, mingling around the general population, Germans would be being raped and their children abused. So lets not blame the camp.

I’ve never heard about Jewish refugees, (expelled/driven out from arab countries in fear of their lives) in the land of Israel raping and abusing their fellow refugees. Believe me, if it happened, the entire world would know about it by now.

Rape and child abuse ‘are rife in German refugee camps’: Unsegregated conditions blamed as women are ‘seen as fair game’ in overcrowded migrant centres

Germany's Giessen asylum centre rife in rape and child abuse as refugee crisis grows

Women’s rights groups and politicians have highlighted assaults against women and children in at least one camp in Germany, pictured inset. They also suggest such incidents may be widespread, with many going unreported to the police and claimed some men saw unaccompanied women as ‘fair game’, and also blamed conditions in which occupants were unsegregated by gender or nationality.

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