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Halla-aho would build barracks village on the Swedish border – “The gym halls are full”

Jussi Halla-aho
Jussi Halla-aho

Basic Finns MEP Jussi Halla-aho requires toughened refugee lines.

Halla-aho recommends the construction of barracks village  on the border with Sweden .

“One of the most viable means to cut reception costs, prevent the rental business for lodgings of asylum seekers and reduce the attractiveness of Finland would be to build in the immediate vicinity of the border with Sweden a huge barracks village, in which all candidates would be placed while qualifying for applications throughout the entire process. The accommodations would have minimum standards and all financial support removed. Halla-aho propose on Thursday in a published position paper .

Halla-aho believes that, with a barracks village “those coming, other than real refugees fleeing trouble, would would return to Sweden within a week.”

“. When Sweden is no longer able push to push the discomfortable nuisance to Finland, it would have to oversee its  frontier with Denmark and Denmark’s southern frontier. The monitoring of internal borders and dismantling of unfair attraction factors are the only way to stop the uncontrolled situation and asylum shopping within the EU.”

“Kun Ruotsi ei enää pystyisi tuuppaamaan tulijoita Suomen riesaksi, se joutuisi valvomaan Tanskan vastaista rajaansa ja Tanska omaa etelärajaansa. Sisärajojen valvonta ja epäterveiden vetovoimatekijöiden purkaminen ovat ainoa keino lopettaa hallitsematon tilanne ja turvapaikkashoppailu EU:n sisällä.”

According toHalla-aho the current reception model no longer works.

“It is quite clear that, if the new asylum-seekers should be 500-1000 persons a day,  in the current accommodation model, i.e. people being driven all over Finland, it will soon be at a road’s end. Gym halls are full.”

Halla-aho recalls that in the EU area between January August, there has arrived illegally more than half a million asylum-seekers, as the number corresponding period last year was more than 160  000.

“Those coming are therefore not running out, and at present, a large proportion of Iraqis intend to come to Finland.”

“All asylum seekers are not driven to Finland by human distress and persecution, but also by Finland’s liberal practices in granting family reunification, international protection and generous social allowances,” Halla-aho estimates.

Furthermore, Finland lacks, according to Halla-aho, the return agreements with key countries of origin for asylum seekers.


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