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Again, Mr. Fatah, “You can’t have it both ways.” I believe your aim has always been to construct a mythical, modernity-friendly Islam, albeit a non-existent Islam, as a counterpoise to a very violent and unfriendly veridical Islam, the Islam that exists in the world today, just as it has since the time of Mohammed. But time is running out for you, Mr. Fatah. Two American presidential candidates have recently remarked unfavourably in regards to Islam. Of course, these statements must surely have caused great consternation and horror in the news rooms of what has become a morally defunct and epicene Western media. And these candidates, to my knowledge, are not retracting their statements. Your advocacy, on behalf of an Islam that has never existed, that will never exist, that you insist does exist, will soon be exposed as nothing short of the same fanaticism synonymous with so many of your fellow religious. Only yours is the “moderate” version.

Read it all here at Jihad Watch

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