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Stubb: I understand the Finns’ fear – but immigration benefits us all

stubb boy

Although there is currently high unemployment, there is also plenty of job vacancies. There are a lot of able-bodied people among the asylum-seekers who could do the job if it is offered to them. What’s needed is the possibility of work. It may require a smooth process, for a work permit, in addition to eg. Language learning, the embracing of the Finnish culture, customs and laws and on the other hand also opportunities to take advantage of a more educational background and, if necessary, complementary studies.

There are already good examples of smaller municipalities that have received new vitality through immigrants. Throughout Finland a new labor force is needed over the long term, when the shrinking working age population groups become smaller. At this rate, the number of people of working age in Finland will fall by 100 000 by 2030. It means that those in active employment have a fast-growing number of children and elderly dependents.


Yeah, these non-refugees who lied and bought (and who knows, even stole) their way through Europe to reach Finland’s shores, because of supposed better benefits, are the ones who are going to make Finland into this a dynamic country. What a fool.

The group pictured below, left the very same day they came to Suolahti, threw whatever clothes given to them by the Finnish Red Cross into the ditches along their journey to the big gas stations some 10 kilometers away, and took taxis to Jyväskylä in search of “better accommodations“.

Suolahti fake refugees

The country is already in debt, an increase of these Muslim settlers is going to create an even more substantive debt load. It will cause massive economic dislocation as people struggle to find work due to businesses tightening their belts, because of an increase in taxes in the attempt by the government to try and pay for it all.

NOTE: Further more, these political hack elites are not hiding the fact that they are salivating over the chance to flood our country with these people. Stubb doesn’t think that this is a crisis at all, being an EU hack, first, second and third, this all fits in well with his big government mindset. These (self deluded) geniuses think that they alone posses what it takes (not the civil society) to manage and run a society. Full blown, big government statism.

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