Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Yeah, but he’s not insisting on FULL border checks, even though he admits its full chaos there in Tornio. He should be yanked from his position and have Jussi Halla-aho replace him.

NOTE: We want reindeer in Lapland, not tards.

Lapland border checks amid EU quota row

Lapland border checks amid EU quota row

The Swedish part of Lapland. Photo: Fredrik Broman/Image Bank Sweden

Published: 15 Sep 2015 07:22 GMT+02:00

“The EU has to be able to exercise that political leadership now.”

Monday’s meeting came after Germany, followed by Austria and Slovakia, announced it would introduce border checks after revealing it could no longer cope with the record influx.

But Sweden, which takes in the second largest number of asylum seekers in the EU, will not follow suit in the near future, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven vowed on Monday.

“We are not close to such a situation,” said the Social Democrat leader at a joint press conference with European Parliament President Martin Schultz on Monday.

However Finland announced it would increase checks at its Lapland border with Sweden after growing numbers of asylum seekers crossed into its territory from Sweden’s far north in recent weeks.

The country’s interior minister Petteri Orpo described the refugee situation in the region as “out of control”.

However he said that Finland was not currently planning to re-instigate full border checks.

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