Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


I was just there on Friday afternoon, checking out the situation and the station was empty. Man how things change in a day or so!

The same station on Friday (Pic TT) : 

The number of asylum seekers exploded today in Tornio: “You could say that there is now chaos”

Tornio, at least 500 asylum-seekers arriving on Sunday, police estimated.
Tornio, at least 500 asylum-seekers arriving on Sunday, police estimated.
Police estimated that at least 500 asylum-seekers arrived in Tornio on Sunday, reports the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat Adviser Hannele Lamusuo.
– According to Police and church workers, Syrians and Iraqis are now coming here. The majority seems to be men, but there is clearly also families with children, says the Tornio IS. The assistant Hannele Lamusuo – You could say that there is now absolutely awful chaos, church workers describe the situation to Lamusuo.

(PHOTO: Ville Honkonen)

Across the border people have been coming for weeks, and yesterday on Saturday in Tornio it is estimated that 70-80 asylum seekers came in. Today the number of people arriving on Sunday, however, was a surprise to employees and volunteers of the church who are helping refugees. Police estimated in the afternoon that will be at least 500 people in the city.

–  According to the Haparanda police, by the afternoon had come at least six bus-loads, and the seventh is coming, Lamusuo reported Sunday afternoon after a half to six.
– No one could say why (that many of people were coming).

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