Four months in the can for wearing a T-shirt that had an offensive image?

H/T: Vasara Hammer: “If you have an offensive t shirt, you may have to do jail time. There’s a story of a man who had a t shirt with  a picture of chief of police in cross-hairs. He was sentenced to four months in prison. At the same time, convicted rapists get a suspended sentence. This country is insane.”

Aggravated T-shirt Text can land boys even into prison

Especially on a summer terrace you can see one or two raunchy t-shirts. Good and bad taste, each its own character and threshold, but you just can’t print anything you want.

T-shirt with the text f = v
The text of this t-shirt can certainly not offend anyone. Sometimes, however, prints breach a sense of good taste.Photo: Tiina Kokko / Yle

Street sees the picture on top of people with all kinds of texts t-shirts. In most cases, shirts are printed harmless huumorissävytteisiä texts in the style of “granny’s own gold” or “happy mood will replace the missing intelligence”.

However, T-shirts texts can also be an open racist or otherwise offensive startling. The wildest prints may therefore take the applicant’s t-shirt up to the castle.


– It is possible that T-shirt image or text can be interpreted as being offensive or glorifying threats.

This was the case, for example, of a man whose t-shirt pictured the chief of police. Bullet holes were added to the face of the image and the end of a gun pointing to the head. The Court of Appeals ruled against this man giving a four month judgment, among other things, for threats of violence.

Rajan pulling hard

Police Inspector Pia Holm, in practice, the printing of textiles is very difficult to tackle.

– As an ordinary citizen, or for a lawyer, it’s hard to know what borders on the criminal. It is then decided by the court.

Lore Korpelainen

Yle Satakunta

More in Finnish here.

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