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There are many things to dislike about the new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, his anti-enlightenment socialism, antisemitism and open borders mentality are just to name a few. That said, one thing that you can’t blame him for, is so called “poverty sweat shops”, which in reality -while clearly paying its workers far below Western levels/standards- are paying them a wage that they themselves (the workers) see as worthwhile.

NOTE: Ironically, it is anti-enlightenment throwbacks, like Corbyn, who would in fact erase job opportunities like this if they could, in spite of having lifted tens of billions of people out of desperate poverty over the past century and a half, to actually earn enough money, to get by.

Corbyn’s sweatshop T-shirts: Poverty-stricken workers paid just 49p an hour to make clothes that boosted his coffers by £100,000

Jeremy Corbyn t-shirt workers paid 49p an hour in Nicaragua

Jeremy Corbyn swept to victory backed by cash raised from the sale of T-shirts made by factory workers earning just 49p an hour. The Socialist firebrand’s fighting fund got a £100,000 boost from the ‘Team Corbyn’ garments, which sold out on his official website. Moments after taking over the Labour leadership, Corbyn spoke of his determination to combat poverty and inequality in an impassioned victory speech. But an investigation by The Mail on Sunday reveals that scores of workers in Nicaragua and Haiti toiled to produce the T-shirts, which cost supporters £10, plus £3.50 postage. MORE HERE

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