So much for that highly vaunted Nordic friendship. Sweden treating Finland like an old colony from its prior days of imperialism.

After inviting every wannabe asylum seeker to Sweden, its minister of the interior admits that the Swedish state is dumping muslims into Finland and Norway, just because they want to. Sweden is therefore determining Finland’s border policy for them.


H/T: Vasara Hammer: “It’s ok to let asylum seekers to the neighboring countries. Minister of Interior Anders Ygeman says:

“Finland and Norway must take their responsibility.”

I have said before that Sweden’s irresponsible immigration policy poses a security threat to the neighboring countries and it’s sad to say that I was right.”

Government: OK to admit asylum seekers to neighboring countries

Prime Minister Stephen Löfvens hard line against Denmark to Dublin regulation should be followed, seems to have softened. Now tell the government instead of “an exceptional situation” and that the police “do a good job” when you condone that even Sweden passes migrants who are on their way to another country – Norway and Finland.

Löfvens harsh words against Denmark that “rules are made ​​to be followed” – after the country’s police released hundreds of refugees who said they wanted to seek asylum in Sweden – seems in practice not apply anymore.

After the refugees come to Sweden, the Government sees the same way as the Danish government between the fingers of refugees traveling further – in this case to Norway and Finland, as Finland recently criticized.

Border police release then on humanitarian grounds migrants who are not seeking asylum in Sweden, and that you have good reason to believe are illegally in the country.


In the end, the Interior Minister Anders Ygeman (S) attempted to explain the situation.

While he said that Sweden applies the Dublin Regulation, said he situation was exceptional with so many refugees that also Norway and Finland, “must take responsibility”.

Police efforts to give priority to the scheme, behave as respectful as possible towards migrants, and not too overzealous with the so-called “internal immigration controls” he thought was good.

– It does not mean that there is no such controls, it should be remembered that it is made arrests in Sweden and people taken into custody.

SJ do can not the government interfere, nor police tactical tradeoffs, consider Ygeman.

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  1. The lemming Swedes don’t want to go over the cliff alone.

    They are willing to drag the Finns with them.

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