Yeah, pushing muslim settlers over into Finland.

Sweden is already done, with the fork sticking out of its ribs. The problem is, it’s affecting Finland, and all other states in the vicinity, where mass numbers of muslim settlers are heading.

NOTE: After decades of running down Swedish culture, highlighting/championing multiculturalism, this idiot thinks he’s going to integrate Muslims and others into Swedish society that they hold in contempt? If Swedish leaders don’t believe in Sweden, why should they?

Prime Minister launches ‘Sweden Together’ push

Prime Minister launches 'Sweden Together' push

Stefan Löfven at a ‘Refugees Welcome’ rally in Stockholm on Sunday. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

Published: 10 Sep 2015 08:19 GMT+02:00

The Social Democrat Prime Minister announced an initiative called ‘Sweden Together’ (‘Sverige tillsammans’) on Thursday morning.

He said that municipalities, religious groups, sports associations, unions and public sector employers would all be invited to a major conference in October to discuss how to help refugees better integrate into Swedish communities.

“I want to gather Sweden now in something we are calling ‘Sweden Together’. This is an arena so that we can both manifest the good efforts made [so far] and develop these,” he told Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Radio.

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