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They’re all islamonazis any which way you splice and dice them.


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Isis vs Shia militia in Iraq: Atrocity rivalry sees brutal videos of torture spread online

Shia atrocity video
Still from alleged Shia atrocity videoscreenshot

Hundreds of pictures and videos of prisoners being beheaded, burnt alive and tortured are being widely distributed online by Iraqi Shia militias to intimidate opponents and drum up support, said a leading US security analyst.

A video appearing to show members of a Shia militia in Iraq hanging a man upside down and burning him alive attracted hundreds of thousands of views this weekend when it appeared on social media.

Philip Smyth of the Washington Institute said evidence pointed to the authenticity of the film, and that it was one of hundreds of videos distributed by the militias, rivalling footage distributed by Islamic State (Isis) for its brutality. IBTimes UK cannot independently establish the veracity of the video.

A video distributed earlier this year allegedly showed militia members roasting a man alive over an open pit, said Smyth. Another, which emerged in March, showed militia members shooting dead a child accused of being a supporter of IS, while photographs allegedly showed a Sunni civilian being beheaded.

“There are tons that have not even hit the mainstream,” said Smyth. “There are videos that go up, there are photos that go up on official [Shia militia] Facebook pages of really nasty stuff.

More here.

NOTE: Once again Rabbi Bar-Hayim explains the Muslim dynamic, it’s not crisis, it’s just islam.

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    I was very interested to hear the Rabbi speak about Syrian refugees. I would very much like to incorporate his thoughts in my sequel novel.

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