Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Send them in for crying out loud, send them in, and then close the damn borders.

[Interior Minister Petteri Orpo was quoted in Verkkouutiset this morning saying that if Europe-wide solutions to the asylum seeker crisis were not reached soon, closing the Finnish border remains a possibility.]

Totally feckless hacks in government presently, if not now, then when?

Send conscripts to the Swedish border? Niinistö: This option has not been ruled out

Defense Jussi Niinistö (ps) talked about the national defense course on Monday morning at the opening of the House of Estates in Helsinki.
Defense Minister Jussi Niinistö (ps) talked about it during the opening of the National Defense Course  on Monday morning at the Säätytalo in Helsinki.
According to Defense Minister Jussi Niinistö (ps)  the Defence Forces can provide assistance in managing the flow of refugees on the western border, if it is deemed necessary.
– No, this option can not be ruled out. This is an issue that Ministry of the Interior has to decide, Niinistö said at the opening ceremony of the national defense course . According to Niinistö, the possibility of such assistance has also been designed to some extent and established, inter alia, with regard to the legality of such a move. However, the request for the adoption of such assistance has not yet come, so far customs, police and border guards take care of the situation.

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