The nerve: 

Sweden’s neighbours, Finland and Denmark, also saw bigger increases of 67 percent and 66 percent respectively.

Yeah, the Swedes are paying their tickets and dumping them into Finland while the Finns Party looks on.

Asylum claims soar by 25 percent in Sweden

Asylum claims soar by 25 percent in Sweden

Refugees arriving in Stockholm earlier this month. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

The number of people applying for asylum for the first time in Sweden shot up by 25 percent between April and June, figures released by the Brussels statistics authority Eurostat showed on Friday.

That was a 25 percent increase on the number of applications made between January and March, compared with a 15 percent rise across the entire Union.
But other countries experienced even higher jumps, with applications rising by 159 percent in the Netherlands, 123 percent in Latvia and 79 percent in Austria.

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  1. Any man who leaves his wife and child in a country he considers too dangerous for him should automatically be refused asylum. The basis of modern Europe is Christianity; protection of the weak; woman and children first, all those trite saying that are bred in the bone with most Westeners.

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