Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Be advised, all the while this is going on, Finland is involved in serious budget talks where hints of intended slashing of the public sector is causing welfare drones to be outraged.

(Former PM) Vanhanen: Finland should be prepared for more than 100 000 asylum applicants – better to be prepared than sorry

Matti Vanhanen, Chairman of the Centre Party parliamentary group that Finland must be prepared to receive many times the current number of asylum seekers.Research scientists may have Vanhanen considered possibly 200 000.

Matti Vanhanen.
. Member of Parliament Matti Vanhanen Image: Yle

Center Party’s Matti Vanhanen urges to prepare for many times larger number of asylum seekers than anticipated. EU leaders, according to the chairman of the Centre Party parliamentary group, to make next week’s assessment of how to prepare the EU for the potential millions of asylum seekers.

Next Wednesday’s special summit in figuring out how to place 120 000 applicants inside the Union.

as for Finland, the new estimate means, says Vanhanen, that Finland should have plans for at least 100 000 asylum applicants. The number of potential entrants to Finland, can be up to 200 000. Those coming will arrive over the next few years.

The government is preparing for those coming to Finland this year, up to 30 000 asylum seekers. According to Interior Minister Petteri Orpo (national coalition.) Finland is at the limit with the current number of entrants.

– Preparedness is better than to be surprised, Vanhanen said in a post to his Facebook page.

More here in Finnish at YLE

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