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Dirt dumb.

“Kiander bases his assessment on the assumption that the employment rate among immigrants would rise to match that of Finns by the year 2030.”

Everywhere around Europe and in the United States, huge numbers of migrants are living off the dole. Importing people into Finland (and throughout the rest of the West) with a welfare state there to prop them up, is state suicide. Once all the money runs out, chaos ensues and collapse of the society not far off.

20100507 HELSINKI: EDUSKUNTA, LUENTOSALI: kuulemistilaisuus Kreikan kriisistä Asiantuntijapaneelissa ovat mukana: - Suuren valiokunnan puheenjohtaja Erkki TUOMIOJA - Talousasioiden alivaltiosihteeri Jukka PEKKARINEN, valtioneuvoston kanslia - Alivaltiosihteeri Martti HETEMÄKI, valtiovarainministeriö - Osastopäällikkö Tuomas SAARENHEIMO, Suomen Pankki - Johtaja Jaakko KIANDER, Palkansaajien tutkimuslaitos - Pääekonomisti Timo TYRVÄINEN, Aktia - Kauppatieteiden kandidaatti Esko SEPPÄNEN - Professori Vesa KANNIAINEN, Helsingin yliopisto .KUVA PASI LIESIMAA/IL

Pension company boss: Asylum seeker crisis changing Finnish population projections

As a growing flood of asylum seekers enters Finland, the local population continues its inevitable march towards retirement. Head of the employment pension company finance director Ilmarinen Jaakko Kiander says the human tide could help invigorate the country’s aging workforce.

pakolaisia saapuu vastaanottokeskukseen
Asylum seekers arriving at a reception centre. Image: YLE Häme / Sari Törmikoski

The masses fleeing raging conflicts in the Middle East could add an extra 100,000 people to current population estimates in Finland, according to pension company finance chief Jaakko Kiander.

Kiander said that instead of seeing migration as a threat, the additional numbers could prove to be a boon for the country’s aging population.

“If we receive say 100,000 migrants, that would be enough to ensure that our working age population would not shrink at all. If we manage to employ immigrants permanently in the labour market then that would have a very positive impact on the sustainability gap,” Kiander told Yle.

[TT: we have close to 20 % unemployment here in Finland, forget the officials figures, they’re liars. 250 000 people who can’t find work, and many more who’ve given up. This jackass is hyperventilating  growth spurts with people who do not want to integrate into the Finnish system, are frauds, and will seek to islamize the country into the very same hellhole the left.]

The sustainability gap refers to the additional financing required to balance the public sector in the long run. In the case of Finland, that gap widens as the workforce ages and puts greater pressure on public spending on items such as pensions and health care services.

“The sustainability gap could fall by half as the result of the migration of 100,000 people. But that would require successful integration into the labour market,” Kiander pointed out.

Kiander bases his assessment on the assumption that the employment rate among immigrants would rise to match that of Finns by the year 2030.

[TT: This jackass is the kind of self deluded ”genius and mastermind” theat the philosophers of the Enlightenment warned about.]

Investments in integration required

According to Kiander, employing new arrivals to Finland would require above all economic growth. At the same time a greater emphasis would have to be placed on education and developing language skills among refugees, he added.

Vakuutusyhtiö Ilmarisen eläkepolitiikasta vastaava johtaja Jaakko Kiander.
Ilmarinen finance director Jaakko Kiander.Image: Mikko Käkelä / Ilmarinen

“Now that we have many unemployed at home and the economy is depressed, it seems difficult and that a sudden influx of people would create additional costs. But if integration is successful, in return for the short term costs we could benefit from immigration in the long term,” he explained.

[TT: Hey Jackass, it’s not being proven a success, just look around europe, hell, look to Sweden, the welfare state there is expanding all the while it’s imploding, and you want to import into Finland the very same scenario?]

Countries such as Germany have already done the math. This year the country will open its doors to up to 800,000 asylum seekers. Authorities have estimated that they could accommodate as many as 500,000 newcomers annually.

Some of that openness comes from a desire to help, but there are also economic considerations at play.

“The birth rate in Germany is so low that there is a great need for additional members of the workforce. That could be one reason why they are so eager to take in migrants,” Kiander speculated.


NOTE: One thin that these jackasses will never mention is the need for the government to offer subsidies /tax incentives, to the native population to have more kids. No, that would be asking way too much of them now wouldn’t it?

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