This isn’t even a close call.

Presently there are 57 Arab states including the Paleostinian Authority. At the time of the German National Socialists mass genocide of European Jewry during WW II, there was not a single Jewish state in existence, and in almost every western state (save the US, Australia and Canada) Jews have been hunted down in pogroms and in other state, municipal sanctioned bloodlettings. Comparing the present situation with what happened during the Holocaust of European Jewry is disgusting, and ahistorical.

Brian nails it, once again.

We Can’t Compare Syrian Refugees And Jews Fleeing Nazis

Since the moment we saw those pictures of that little boy washed up on the beach, there has been a clamouring noise from too many people keen to relate the current refugee crisis to the plight of the Jews in Nazi Europe. Let’s overlook the hundreds of thousands already murdered in Syria’s civil war.

So I was just wondering if I could ask something of all those people quick to claim that Syrian refugees are the new 1930’s Jews.

UNHCR persons of concern refugee numberFor those Jews who managed to escape Nazi Germany, where were the refugee camps, like the ones in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan today hosting 4,088,099 registered refugees (6th Sept). Because I’ve never heard anyone mention them. I’m sure a lot of Jews must have been saved in those camps.

As far as I know, in 1939 there were precisely zero Jewish countries and zero safe and secure refugee camps. I suspect if there had been a Jewish country or even a refugee camp it would have taken in some refugees. Worse: the major nations of the world, especially Britain, blocked Jews from reaching safety and sent them back to be murdered by Hitler.


There are 23 Arab countries and a somewhere north of 60 Muslim countries and beyond the immediate neighbours housing huge UNHCR camps, they are doing almost nothing to help and are certainly not offering to permanently settle refugees as the nations of Europe are being called upon to do.

To punch emotional buttons and compare people who are fleeing safe and secure (if desperately unpleasant and hopeless) refugee camps with the 6 million murdered Jews is really, really dark.

The migrants streaming into Europe don’t just want the first safe haven they can find, the vast majority of them already left safe camps (those who weren’t slaughtered in fighting before getting out of course). They don’t even want Hungarian goulash, they want Germany’s (halal) food and social services.

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