Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden


Not requiring them to show identification, it makes Sweden, officially, a facilitator to the undermining of Finnish sovereignty.

Swedish train operator wants to help refugees to Finland – does not require any identity documents

The train company SJ told the staff’s decision on Friday.

Swedish train operator SJ no longer requires passengers to prove their identity in connection with checking of tickets, indicates the Swedish media. SJ justifies its decision on the fact that it wishes to facilitate the journey of undocumented refugees in Sweden and onward from Sweden.

– The number of refugees has increased. Many of them register with the immigration agency’s reception center in Malmö, but some do not, rather they use Sweden as a transit country to Norway or Finland, Communications Director Monica Berglund says to Swedish Television (SVT).

SJ has asked the immigration agency to tell of the decision to refugees. It does not want that the refugees are dependent on the “helpers”, who purchase large volumes of tickets in order to sell them later.

It also removes additional payments for tickets  purchased on the train and will allow refugees to bring on the train more baggage than usual.  SJ’s staff learned of the decision on Friday.

SJ handles  railway-ferry tickets to Turku and Helsinki, as well as train-bus tickets Kemi.



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