Islam in Denmark MUSLIM SETTLERS


Yeah, women and children up in front followed by the majority of 20-35 year old males……..

In Hungary and in France, they’re being shown the door to where they originated from. Also, this brings to mind something to ponder, how willing is Europe going to be in taking the fight to the Islamic State, after they’ve (IS) been responsible for sending huge waves of people to Europe (as well as profiting from the migration)?

Danish motorway shut as refugees walk to Sweden

Danish motorway shut as refugees walk to Sweden

After a short-lived march toward Sweden, most of the refugees have now returned to Rødby. Photo: TT

UPDATED: Police in southern Denmark late on Monday closed a motorway as groups of refugees marched towards the border with Sweden, where authorities said some 230 refugees arrived by various means.

“This is being done for the safety of the people who are walking along the motorway,” local police said in a statement after closing the first 29 kilometres (18 miles) of the road from Rødby harbour in southern Denmark to Copenhagen.
The road was re-opened in the very early hours of Tuesday morning.
Swedish officials reported on Tuesday that 230 refugees had made it to the southern city of Malmö since Monday afternoon.
“Many of them are absolutely exhausted. But everything is fine now, they’ve got a place to sleep and a roof over their heads,” a worker at the local migration board (Migrationsverket) told the TT news agency.

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