Finnish males, of the same age as these Muslim males, during WWII did not flee to Sweden and abroad, the only one leaving were the children of many caught in harms way in Eastern Karelia (Karjala). They stayed put and fought the Soviets, and at great odds.

Why in the world are we witnessing the horde of 18-35 yr. old wandering through the streets and high ways of Europe, demanding buses to further them along their journey in their goal of reaching the best welfare a state can offer? It’s absurd!

NOTE: Stay and fight the islamonazis you bunch of cowards, if you won’t even fight for your country, why should we even consider letting  you in ours?

‘Tell the male refugees to go back and fight’: One politician says only the women and children from Syria’s humanitarian crisis should be granted asylum

  • Winston Peters said male Syrian refugees should return home to fight
  • NZ First leader said only women and children should be granted asylum
  • Experts accused politician of telling men to return to a ‘meat grinder’ 
  • It came as Cory Bernardi said drowned boy Aylan Kurdi wasn’t real refugee

New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters (pictured), has called for male Syrian refugees to return home to ‘fight for their freedom’

A leading politician has called for male Syrian refugees to return home to ‘fight for their freedom’ and said only women and children should be granted asylum in New Zealand.

Winston Peters, the NZ First leader, warned against ‘mass immigration’ in the wake of the escalating refugee crisis in Europe.

But his ‘irresponsible’ comments have been slammed by experts who claimed the politician was telling men to go back to a ‘meat grinder’.

Speaking after the Government voted in favour of offering 600 emergency places to Syrian refugees, Mr Peters said: ‘I think we can do better, but we can’t while we’ve got mass immigration.

‘And if we’re going to do it, let’s bring the women and children and tell some of the men to go back and fight for their own country’s freedom, like we are.’

His comments came after controversial Australian senator Cory Bernardi claimed drowned Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi was not a genuine refugee as his father just wanted better dental care.

After reading Mr Peters’ comments, Dr Zain Ali from the Islamic Studies Research Unit at the University of Auckland, contacted theNew Zealand Herald.

He said: ‘You are saying to them, ‘go and fight for your freedom’. But in Syria at the moment there are, according to the BBC, 1000 different rebel groups – which one do you want them to fight for?’

The New Zealand Government bowed to public pressure today and announced it would accept 750 Syrian refugees over the next three years, including 600 in an emergency intake.

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