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Bone head.

As a good friend of mine once told me, ”expert” a title reserved for those who believe they have the right to violate my common sense.”

H/T: Vasara Hammer: “I sometimes wonder where do they get these bozo experts. There seems to be an endless supply of them:”

Jihadism Researcher: Finland does not need to worry about Isis infiltrators

Jihadism researcher Juha Saarinen.
Jihadism researcher Juha Saarinen. Nadja Kamara / YleX

Jihadist ISIS collects into its ranks fighters from around the world, including from Europe. However, researcher Juha Saarinen points out that this is a marginal phenomenon.

During Syria’s chaotic civil war jihadist ISIS organization has increased its power. Also, radicalized Europeans who left for the ranks of ISIS has received much discussion, but jihadism researcher Juha Saarinen, says, however, that what’s in question is rather a marginalized group.

[Tundra Tabloids: Marginal? Not according to the people that they blow up and behead]

– Although we’ve seen those leaving Finland to fight abroad mainly coming from the Muslim population, still we’re only talking about percentage of the Muslim population, Saarinen says in a YleX front page interview.

The Security Police estimates that more than 60 people have left Finland for ISIS. Although according to Saarinen, one can not speak about a wide phenomenon, it’s the reaction to radicalization.

[Tundra Tabloids: All of them heading abroad to fight the jihad have come from the Muslim community, I haven’t heard of any Jews, Christians or Buddhists being subcontracted by Islamic State. This is nothing more than obfuscation of the reality. Islamo-ass saving]

– Have to carry out some form of de-radicalization, that is, to bring these people back to thinking in a different way, or at least to see that violence is not a legitimate way to influence politically .

[Tundra Tabloids: How in the world can you (not named of course) use Islam 101 to retrain a mind already steeped in Islam 101? And regardless of that enigma wrapped in a riddle, do we really want Islam 101’ers here in Finland and elsewhere in the West pursuing an islam 101 agenda, regardless of how non-violent it is?]

Will refugees involved with Isis come to Finland?

Syria’s civil war at this time is affecting the whole of Europe, when people are fleeing the war. By the end of July, almost 90 000 Syrians have come to Europe. Of these, Finland has received 119 refugees.

Among other things, the ex-Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen (Christian Democrats.) Has publicly warned that among the asylum seekers in Finland there may be persons belonging to extremist organizations. Researcher Juha Saarinen considered this an unrealistic fear.

[Tundra Tabloids: Of that number how many were actually real refugees? ]

-People are escaping either a reign of terror, or exactly these same jihadists.

Saarinen says that the fear of Isis infiltrators feeds the jihadists’ intentions.

[Tundra Tabloids: As for these asylum seekers belonging to Islamic State, jihadis do not come with labels on their heads, except for the noticeable zebiba that many non-IS muslims have. They’re not going to introduce themselves at the border as ”representatives of al-Baghdadi.]

– Isis intends to show, that they are continuously everywhere, and that people should be afraid. If we go along with this game plan, we will give extra points to jihadists for any such activities which they do not have the capacity to run.

[Tundra Tabloids: Not taking their intentions (what they state) and their war doctrine seriously, is both dangerous and unprofessional.]

Examination of jihadism is a grim job

YleX Frontpage visitor, researcher Juha Saarinen, admits that the years of researching these jihadist groups and the Arab Spring has an impact: for example, he is stupefied over the shocking news photos.

– I see it is a survival mechanism. If, for each image, or videotape it would bring about a big emotional response, so you can burn out quickly.

Not everything has hardened the jihadism researcher because of his work.The Isis organization’s media strategy also includes the publishing of brutal torture and killing videos.

– While watching them is sure to fall in my job description, I’ve drawn the line with them, Saarinen says.


NOTE: This is what we in the Counter-Jihad have been doing for years, nothing new in what he’s saying, in fact, it’s the only factual thing that he’s stated in this interview.

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  1. If you are correct, and do not need to worry about jihadis in a group of Muslim immigrants, that is good.

    If you are wrong, expect violence. And that is bad.

    Considering the Islamic tradition of immigration and jihad, it looks like a fool’s gamble.

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