And it would never have happened if that piece of -you-know-what was never allowed to reach the Sicilian shoreline.

First Murders of Europeans by Nonwhite Third World Invasion Flood Take Place

The first—and inevitable—case of Europeans being murdered by nonwhite invaders currently swamping Europe from across the Mediterranean has taken place in Sicily, with an African being arrested for a brutal twin murder on that island.


According to the Italian media, an 18-year-old invader from the Ivory Coast was arrested on Sunday after the bodies of Victor Solano, 68, and his 70-year-old Spanish wife, Mercedes Ibanez, were found at their home near a “refugee center” in Mineo, a town outside Catania.

The nonwhite invader, named as Mamadou Kamara, had been a resident of the Mineo “refugee center”—the largest such facility in Europe—since June 8 this year.

Mamadou Kamara in court.
Mamadou Kamara in court.

Kamara was arrested while in possession of a bag containing a cell phone belonging to one of the victims, and his pants were drenched in blood. Solano was found in his nearby home with his throat slit and his wife was found in the courtyard of the couple’s apartment building, having been thrown from the balcony.

The daughter of the victims, Rosita Solano, told the Corriere del Messogiorno newspaper that she blamed the Italian government for the murders, saying it allowed “immigrants to come here and do what they want, even rob and kill us.”

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