Finnish Immigration Concerns


This story is in conjunction with an earlier post dealing with the refugees hosted in a tiny village, where a mayor was forced to confront them over stealing and general bad behavior.

H/T: Vasara Hammer: ”More real life experiences of culture enrichers from Punkalaidun: They bring economic benefits, says Yle News. Local shopkeeper says they steal and they make other customers disappear. And they make catcalls to girls between 13 and 15 years of age.”


Here is another quote from the town’s (Punkalaidun) Facebook group in which there’s an ongoing debate on the subject. Lauri Inna is the mayor who had visited these new villagers shaking her finger at them.

“Now more on the matter. Namely, these new residents of ours here will indeed bring money to our businesses, I’ve already observed that myself at the local diner.

The bad thing is, more money is being lost than coming in. We have customers leaving the door for having to wait too long. And I understand that.

One purchase of a pack of cigarettes with these new customers will take at best 30 minutes. Choosing soap 34 minutes. And yes, I have taken the time.

Language skills are slim, and for others, none at all. These customers also rudely push ahead of the line, open packages without buying them and steal apples.

And you probably believe that is a pretty scary to be at work at 21-22:00 alone when these customers often come to buy some beer, and get really upset that they are no longer allowed to buy it.

A few times I was really afraid for my own life. Oh, and of course, when beer can no longer be sold, it’s still nonetheless taken. I really do hope indeed, that Lauri Inna (TT: mayor) that something positive will come out of those discussions.

Oh, and, of course, I have also heard these young men whistling to these young teen-age girls. Yes, with their dear mothers. They whistle at your 13 to 15 year old children. “

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