Finnish Immigration Concerns


This is just one in a long line of many stories, of Finns, for the first time brushing up against what Swedes. Danes and Norwegians (and the rest of Europe) have been dealing with for a very long time, and the feckless, fake media covering all of this up.

H/T: Vasara Hammer:

”Here’s something that highlights the impact of recently arrived culture enrichers. Here’s a lady from Pansio (part of Turku). There is an asylum seeker reception center there. In the evening she won’t go out to take the dogs for a walk but let her boyfriend do that due to harassment from cultural enrichers.”

Now there will be shouting, but let it come

Pansio. That’s where I live. The reception center has approximately, as many as 500 refugees, mostly men. There is also planned a reception center at Pansion’s school.

I do not go out at night anymore.

Juha takes the dogs. The cause: Foreigners yelling indecently and name calling (“whore”), moving in groups, teasing dogs and throwing cans at them (Tapsa is a puppy, thanks for that), hanging on lamp-posts and yelling, for some reason one of them took a cause to bump into me really fast on a crossroad next to a store. I cant live in my home, in my neighbourhood they way i want. I am pissed off.

You helpers. We have a small, in the midst of all this. Do you want to switch housing  with me???

And added plus, the reception center gave the number to which I can continue making calls directly when such things occurs.

Ronja Tyren


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