Kind of ruins the meme of a “concentration camp”.

The shops are full, the diners are packed, the roads choked with new cars and designer jeans plod the sidewalks of Gaza. Of course, all are kept in check by black beards carrying ak 47’s.

Gaza Strip’s middle class enjoys spin classes, fine dining, private beaches
The other side of Gaza

View Photos A year after the war, the small middle class here has created a niche market for rooftop dining, day spas and a beach resort.
By William Booth August 23

GAZA CITY — Alongside the Hamas training camps and bombed-out neighborhoods, there is a parallel reality where the wafer-thin Palestinian middle class here is wooed by massage therapists, spin classes and private beach resorts.

Media images beamed from the Gaza Strip rightly focus on the territory’s abundant miseries. But rising from the rubble of last summer’s devastating war with Israel are a handful of new ­luxury-car dealerships, boutiques selling designer jeans and, coming soon to a hip downtown restaurant, “Sushi Nights.”

More here. H/T: Yitzhak

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