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Groan inducing.

Obama uses normal retreating of glaciers as proof of global warming, though far more glacier melt occurred in the 19th century. To be fair, Soini is behaving as all FM’s do in the presence of the reps of a major superpower, and as Finland’s acting FM, he has to tow the government line, but it’s grating to see him really buy into the nonsense nonetheless.glacierbaymap_thumb

”I have been asked to check the rate of retreat in the 1940’s, compared to since. USGS give these figures: 1941-50 = 3km, 1950-2004 = 4km”

Soini met with Foreign Minister Kerry – climate conference ended with hopeful spirit of Alaska

Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini thanked the US commitment to fight against climate change in the Arctic region. “Good conference the comradery was strong,” Soini assessed the meeting. Soini met with Secretary of State John Kerry and was greeted by President Barack Obama.

Timo Soini and John Kerry
Finland will continue after the US with the Arctic Council Presidency. The topic was also addressed in the meeting by Foreign Ministers of Soini and Kerry. Photo: Sanna Kangasharju / UM


Now is the time to invest!

Foreign Minister Soini thanked US commitment. According to him, in the early stages of the climate meetings of about twenty years ago, investment was at  a much lower level.

– But now, yes it’s time for investment, and everything reflects that major investment during the US presidency, Soini said. -Here Secretary of State Kerry has heralded in a big conference, and then President Obama came here to talk about it.

– And in that we have a great opportunity to continue, Soini estimates about Finland’s upcoming chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

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