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The first step is not to let them in the front door.

The second step is stop calling them ”Swedish women” and refer to them for what they are, pious (koran thumping) muslim immigrants/or of immigrant background who reject the very society in which they live (and leach from).

The third step is not to try and ”turn them”, but to allow them passage to the Islamic State and never to return.

‘Sweden should target women extremists more’

'Sweden should target women extremists more'

The radical Islamist Al-Shabaab group in Somalia. Photo: Mohamed Sheikh Nor/TT

Published: 01 Sep 2015 07:43 GMT+02:00

Since Islamic State (Isis or IS) proclaimed its caliphate over a year ago, the need for various types of support for community building has increased. As a result female recruitment has also escalated.

Not only warriors are in demand in the caliphate; women are lured by promises of getting a central role in the new Islamic state.

Swedish migration to Isis is the largest in the Nordic region in terms of numbers, and the second largest in Europe in relation to population size.

According to Säpo (the Swedish security police), over 300 people have travelled to Syria to fight for movements like Islamic State, with the confirmed figure for female travellers standing at 30-40 individuals.

The majority of these people come from western Sweden and Gothenburg. Just as for male Isis supporters there is a great risk that there are large hidden numbers.

Right now there is an intense debate about how the prevalence of violent Islamist extremism can be prevented and managed.

Sweden is far behind other countries in the prevention and implementation of legal sanctions, despite the high number of Swedish Isis travellers and an elevated threat of Islamist terrorism. The awareness of Swedish women’s connection with Islamic extremist movements is also non-existent or at best inadequate.

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