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My kind of political leader, especially in this day of expanding Islamic hegemony.

It also plays into the overall agenda of most professing muslims, the gradual growth in islamic demographics spells doom for the host society.

Zeman has long been pushing for a military action against IS. He has also supported the Facebook initiative We Do not Want Islam in the Czech Republic.

Zeman: Accepting refugees plays into Islamic State’s hands

President Miloš Zeman in Moscow. Photo:

Czech president warns of growing reach of terrorist group

Prague, June 28 (ČTK) — The accepting of migrants largely facilitates Islamic State’s (IS) expansion to Europe, Czech President Miloš Zeman said in an interview with Parlamentni server, adding that all UN Security Council standing members must be persuaded of the need to intervene against IS.

Zeman has long been pushing for a military action against IS. He has also supported the Facebook initiative We Do not Want Islam in the Czech Republic.

“If European countries accept a wave of migrants, there will be terrorist groups among them, of which also a Libyan minister has warned. By accepting the migrants, we strongly facilitate Islamic State’s expansion to Europe,” Zeman said.

Thousands of refugees from Libya, where militant Islamist groups operate, some of which have promised loyalty to Islamic State, have been heading for Europe across the Mediterranean over the past weeks.

Zeman has repeatedly warned of accepting refugees from the Middle East and Africa by the CzechRepublic.

Zeman said IS is an organization with many branches that have already more or less got control of Libya, and they partially dominate Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, too.

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  1. Islam can’t be judged by what Muslims say and do because different Muslims can say and do very different things. Some Muslims behead prisoners, scream for death to all Jews and make war to establish a world-wide Islamic state. Some Muslims say that Islam is a religion of peace, condemn terrorist acts and call Muslim terrorists un-Islamic.

    Because of this diversity, no individual or group of Muslims can reliably be assumed representative of Islam. Islam can be accurately judged only on the word of its god and the example of its prophet.

    The Koran is the word of Islam’s god, Allah. Through the Koran, Muslims are told to make war in order to spread Islam. They are told to hate, subjugate and kill non-Muslims and to not take any of them as friends. They are told to kill Jews. They are told that women are inherently inferior to men and that gays and apostates are to be killed. Muslim men are told that they can rape their wives and female slaves.

    The Hadiths are the collected sayings, teachings and acts of Islam’s prophet, Mohammed. Muslims believe Mohammed to have been the perfect man and the ideal role model. The Hadiths show Mohammed to have been a liar, torturer, rapist and murderer among other things.

    The evidence which Islam itself provides shows that Islam, the only true Islam, the Islam of the Koran and Hadiths, Allah’s and Mohammed’s Islam, is evil. People suffer and die at the hands of its more pious followers.

    There are different ways for Muslims to advance Islam and work toward a world-wide Caliphate, not all of them violent. For those inclined toward violence Allah and Mohammed provide motivation many times. Anywhere that Islam is tolerated Allah and Mohammed wait to inspire Muslims to follow them in all their barbarity and any “moderate” Muslim could be a potential terrorist. To have Muslims in your midst is to have enemies in your midst, some violent and some not, who seek the control of your country, the destruction of your way of life and your death or enslavement. It’s what their god demands.

    Western countries are betrayed by politicians, the media, academics, royalty and other traitors who won’t tell their people what Islam’s instructions to Muslims really are and who say that Islam is a religion of peace, that [insert latest Islamic atrocity] has nothing to do with Islam and that Islamic terrorists are following a distorted version of the religion.

    Allah and Mohammed make it clear that the only peace in Islam is the peace of the grave, that the latest Islamic atrocity is distinctly Islamic and that Islamic terrorists are not extremists but rather genuine Muslims following the letter and spirit of Islam.

    Islam is an evil poison and the West desperately needs to be purged. Stop letting Muslims in, deport them all to Islamic countries and deport the traitors with them.

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