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Rings of burning suburbs around city centers is the lesson one can draw from Sweden’s radical egalitarian multi-culti experimentation.

Fresh Malmö unrest as youth centre burns

Fresh Malmö unrest as youth centre burns

Police in Malmö on Wednesday night. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Published: 25 Jun 2015 08:16 GMT+02:00

People in the troubled suburb of Kroksbäck in Malmö reported hearing explosions on Wednesday night, as emergency services discovered several cars and a community centre on fire.

On Thursday morning police arrested seven people on suspicion of criminal damage.

Noone is thought to have been hurt by the fires, which were quickly put out by firefighters. Police said they were still investigating how they had been started.

The community building that was damaged is used as a meeting hall by local community groups including youth clubs.

Officers observed that the suburb had been rocked by the unrest, following a wave of recent violence in the area.

“The residents are so clearly troubled by everything that has happened,” Kim Hild, a spokesperson for police told the TT newswire.

Police said that they had also found a hand grenade in a garage close to where one of the cars had been burned.

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3 Responses

  1. Malmo politicians and its wine-sipping white shoe brigade will no doubt say ‘Probably just bored, anti-social muslim youth with too much time on their hands because they don’t have any community centres to go to.’

    Well they certainly don’t now, do they?

    1. Exactly that MWKI, and the burning rings around their cities will tighten until they’ll have full out war in their streets.

  2. “Police said that they had also found a hand grenade in a garage ”

    I missed that bit! A f$%king hand grenade!!!

    The shit is hitting the fan now – but the blade is only on super-slow speed .
    I wonder what it will take for Swedish Government to actually do something positive – for Sweden. A major bombing?

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