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Finland reduces quota refugee intake, agrees to take EU transfers

Yle has received information from multiple sources that Finland’s refugee quota will drop to 750 in 2016. The current quota of 1,000 was instigated last year largely in response to the growing Syrian crisis. Resources will instead be directed at dealing with “transferred” asylum seekers from other EU countries.

Tummaihoinen mies pelaa Kimble-peliä vastaaottokeskuksessa.
A young man passes the time in one of Finland’s asylum seeker reception centres. Image: Yle

According to Yle’s information, in 2016, the number of refugees and forcibly transferred asylum seekers accepted in Finland will be around 1,000 – equal to the current number of quota refugees. A reduction in the number of quota refugees – back down to 750 – would enable the state to accommodate the EU’s request to take in several hundred asylum seekers from other EU countries without exceeding its current total intake.

Yle’s sources say that the government has tentatively agreed to return to the previous quota of 750, but a formal decision is scheduled to be made in the autumn.

The mathematics of crisis

If Finland was to retain the present quota, and bend to EU wishes, taking on additional quota refugees and processing an increased number of transferred asylum seekers, the amount of refugees and asylum seekers received would be around 1,600.

If Finland was to retain the current level of quota refugees, but not include transferred asylum seekers in this number, the intake would be in the realm of 1,300. However, if the current plan goes through, Finland’s yearly intake of people in need would be reduced to 1,000 in total.

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