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New Ramadan rules to help Nordic Muslims

New Ramadan rules to help Nordic Muslims

Midnight sun in Kiruna, northern Sweden. Photo: Helleborus/Wikicommons

Published: 12 Jun 2015 06:52 GMT+02:00

Ramadan begins on June 18th this year — three days before the longest day of  the year — when the sun blazes around the clock above the Arctic Circle and  only sets for a few hours further south, presenting a problem for Muslims who are meant to fast until sunset.

“We’ve got two difficult questions, not just when you can break the fast in  the north but also when you should start fasting,” Mohammed Kharraki, a  spokesman for Sweden’s Islamic Association, told AFP on Thursday.

“You’re supposed to start fasting before the sun rises, at dawn. But there is no real dawn in the summer months in Stockholm.”

In previous years Muslims in sub-Arctic towns like Kiruna were advised to break their fast at the same time as people in the south but a meeting of Swedish and European imams in northern Sweden this week recommended a new approach.

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