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[If we do not discriminate and recognise that Islam as a belief system has a dark, supremacist element that is unique to it, we are liable to destroy important parts of the foundations that have made our civilisation the greatest and kindest that has ever been. No civilisation has ever considered the rights of animals to the extent that we do now and this is not an accident. Islam has rarely been kind to people, let alone animals. ] (Brian of London @ Israellycool)

End Game: A Halal Certified Food Chain

halal Elevator SignCritics of Halal Certification schemes are often portrayed as right-wing extremists, Islamophobes or conspiracy-theory nut jobs.

For years I had no qualms about buying Halal Certified goods; to me all it meant was processed foods didn’t contain pork products or alcohol and beasts had been blessed before slaughter.  It seemed innocent enough.

As the topic of Halal Certification schemes and Halal slaughter emerged I decided to do my own research so I could make an informed decision based on facts. The more I researched, asked questions, the murkier the emerging picture became.

On the grapevine I heard stories about Halal Certifiers approaching farmers to have their fields, dams and seeds ‘Halal Certified’.  Farmers were told that they couldn’t sell their produce to Halal Certified businesses if they themselves weren’t ‘Halal Certified’.  It sounds a bit far fetched doesn’t it?

More here. H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami

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