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No kidding?

This tells you of the sad state of affairs in the West today, when the mundane obvious (attracting immigrants that are conducive to promoting and building the civil society) is considered ‘news’.

Minister wants more of ‘right’ migrants

Minister wants more of 'right' migrantsPolice check passports at a German border crossing. Photo: DPA

Published: 14 Apr 2015 16:04 GMT+02:00

“We need immigration marketing,” de Maizière told a conference of businesses, researchers, churches, local government representatives and migrants’ organizations in Berlin.

“We have to have targeted advertising for our country, where we want people to come to us.”

He added that companies should do more to hunt for employees abroad – although industry organizations have been pressing the government to do more to attract the future workers needed to keep the country’s economy going.

Meanwhile, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) has been pushing for a new law which would allow people into the country based on scores allocated under a points system.

The law should be introduced “at the latest in the next parliament. But it would be better if the Grand Coalition [the current government] would do it,” said Thomas Oppermann, SPD leader in the Bundestag (German parliament).

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