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Only 18 million people underfed. Looks like nirvana has more to accomplish to get that number down, and we already know how they aim to achieve that goal.

North Korean hunger unrelenting, says UN

The United Nations has again highlighted widespread hunger in reclusive nuclear-armed North Korea, saying 18 million people are underfed. The UN report follows more short-range missile firings by the North.

Welthungerhilfe Nordkorea

The UN urged donor nations to give $111 million (103 million euros) in food and other aids for North Koreans during 2015 on Thursday while acknowledging that international sanctions were hampering deliveries.

The UN report released by UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said the scale of the need for North Koreans was of “grave concern.”

Seventy percent of North Korea’s population of 24 million, or around 18 million, did not have sufficient nutrition. Nutritious food was needed especially for “approximately 1.8 million children, pregnant and lactating women,” it added.

Potential donors were asked to contribute two-thirds of the $111 million for food and the balance in the form of sanitation, health, and educational services.

More than 6 million North Koreans need essential health care such as vaccinations, the report added.

North Korea’s leadership headed by President Kim Jong-un remains under UN and US sanctions imposed in recent years to deter its nuclear ambitions.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

NOTE: Read the last line in this article I posted carefully, the UN and US still has ‘sanctions’ on N.Korea to deter its ‘nuclear ambition’, though it already has nukes, lots of them.

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