Adnan Oktar cult


Who knew?!

Yeah Adnan Oktar wants you to believe that Morocco is ‘enlightened’, but we see their ”enlightenment” in the daily streets and crime statistics in the Netherlands.

Harun Yahya (a.k.a. Adnan Oktar) is a slick Islamo-used car/snake oil salesman, who hands the non-Muslim pro-Israel community plenty of nice sounding bromides to further his islamo-cult of chic. The man is a total con artist, and those taken in by him, are, well, conned. Only because of Berber influence (not Islam’s) has Morocco at times behaved more friendly towards Jews.

Well, thanks to Sheik Yer’Mami (who just checked in with me) I’ve been handed the following bull crap nonsense by Harun Yahya, who once again tries to dazzle us while he takes us to the cleaners.

He knows well enough that his fetish for flesh, encapsulated in his cult of personality and following, doesn’t extend even to the fringes of Islam, so he makes all these nice sounding overtures to the pro-Israel camp, in order to gain a modicum of respectability. Just keep your eye on the bouncing boobs and on my pro-Israel/Jewish vaporings!

This clown is a one trick camel.

Muslims and Jews living in peace in Morocco

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