Ayaan Hirsi Ali Islam Debate


One point of (big) disagreement with this very brave woman, is the idea that Islam could ever reform itself.

It’s not like any other religion. Like Sam Harris often reminds us, the problem with Islamic fundamentalism, are the fundamentals of Islam (basic Islam 101). It’s an entire society, ‘reforming’ it to the extent that it behaves like other religions would demand that they give up its most important aspect, the public square portion of that ideology. It’s like asking Hamas to reform itself, (which it will never do) thereby gutting their ideology, which is the total destruction of the Jewish state. Without the institution of jihad, sharia which advocates and condones death for apostasy, the Islamic ideology could never hope to sustain itself, and therefore, they will never give it up.

NOTE: What we really should be doing is finding ways to sideline the Islamic Middle East, and its people from further infiltration and influence in the West.


Author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali said that calling people Islamophobic is “a way of shutting up debate” on Monday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Hirsi Ali argued that calling people Islamophobes is “a way of shutting up debate. And I want to give a shout out to a friend Asra Nomani, who did a fantastic piece on it in the Washington Post…she calls it the honor brigade. It is, and it’s been going on for at least over a decade, there are countries involved, there are movements involved, there’s a lot of money. Anybody who tries to draw attention to the shortcomings of the theology the narrative of jihad, is labeled an Islamophobe, and that needs to stop.”

She added that feminists won’t speak out against Islamic radicalism “because they’ve been frightened. They’ve been told that if you are a white woman and you care about the equality of women and men, that if you do it, you are an Islamophobe. That, you, as a white woman, you are imposing your values, — this is now imperialism, this is now colonialism, and that needs to stop…we understand the Islamic State is Islamic. Jihad is Islamic. It’s all in the legacy of the theology for those of us who are born into it. Now is the time to change it…there are now voices within Islam, within Muslim-majority countries and in Muslim communities who want that change. So, I’m not the only one. I’m not that lone voice out there.”

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