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Swedish police denying what the Bosnian police are describing as terror related.


Swedes among those arrested for planning bomb attacks in Sweden

Police in Bosnia have arrested five men suspected of plotting to smuggle a homemade bomb to Sweden where it would be used, according to Bosnian television. Bosnian police went out with suspicions of terrorism, which is belied by the Swedish police.

– It’s about serious crime, says Andreas Fahlén, press secretary of the Police Authority national press office, told SvD.

According to an official statement from the Bosnian police, the arrested men, one of whom is Swedish, is suspected of planning a terrorist attack.

Swedish police denies however, the information that it would involve the preparation of terrorist crimes. This is according to the Swedish police about an ongoing case in Malmo.

Andreas Fahlén, spokesperson at the Swedish National Police Operations Department (NOA) do not know why Bosnian police state that in the case of terrorist crimes.

He points out once again for the Svenska Dagbladet on Saturday morning to the case of suspicions of terrorism.

– It is a Skåne Case. There were allegations that there was terror but there is no indication it. It’s about serious crime. It is an investigation that is managed locally, says Andreas Fahlén, press officer at the police authority’s national press office, told SvD.

The men are suspected of having built a bomb that would be used in Sweden. According to Bosnian television traveled two men from Sweden down to Bosnia on Thursday to pick up the bomb and bring it back to Sweden to use it there. The order of the homemade bomb should have been done from Holland.

Three of the men, including a Swede in his 50s, was arrested at the border near the town of Brod when they tried to leave Bosnia in a car with the home-made bomb hidden in the ceiling. A man was arrested while in Sarajevo, where also another man was reportedly arrested on Friday.

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