Immigration Incitement Islam in Germany Islam is deception Leftist-Muslim nexus


If the perp did in fact turn out to be a non-Muslim all hell would break loose about now.

Just like in the U.S., race-baiting malcontents rush the scene in order to promote their agenda, in this case ‘islamofauxbia’, though they don’t even know the facts of the case, and in fact, really don’t care about the facts of the case, it’s all about projecting the meme of islamofauxbia to promote their agenda.

Some had criticized the police for not immediately suspecting a xenophobic attack, and anti-racism demonstrations were held at the site where the body was found.

Police arrest suspect in asylum seeker murder

Police arrest suspect in asylum seeker murder

Demonstrators in Dresden with photos of murder victim Khaled Idris Bahray

Published: 22 Jan 2015 17:39 GMT+01:00

State prosecutors in the Saxon capital told journalists that the man has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

Bild reported earlier that the flatmate, a 26-year-old fellow Eritrean, had confessed while being interrogated by investigators.

The body of 20-year-old victim Khaled Idris Bahray was found on January 13th in the courtyard of an apartment building where he lived with seven other African refugees.

The police had originally said that there was no evidence of foul play in his death, before an autopsy showed that he had died of knife wounds in his throat and chest.

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