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They should read (PHD) Nancy Hartevelt Korbin’s ”Read My Lips Again”:

I have been arguing since before 9/11 that we must look to the mother-infant relationship in order to understand from where all of this violence is coming. This is NOT to blame the female but to understand how terrified she is, that she herself has been beaten into submission but could never admit it because it would be too shaming. The devalued female “out Frenches the French” in externalizing her own murderous rage because she has been the chronic target of brutal male abuse. She has internalizes male rage of the female as self-hatred. Hence the sisters of jihad, the female suicide bomber etc.

Turkey investigates female suicide bomber attack in Istanbul

The Turkish premier has praised the bravery of police after a suicide bomber struck at an Istanbul police station, killing one officer. The motive of the woman, who spoke English during the attack, is being investigated.

Selbstmordanschlag auf Polizeistation in Istanbul 06.01.2015

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Tuesday evening that police had managed to prevent worse casualties, with not all of the explosives having been detonated. Two other bombs were safely defused, he said, praising the work of officers.

“Police intervened immediately and prevented worse casualties,” said Davutoglu. “The bravery of our security forces who sacrificed themselves prevented there being an even larger toll.”

Officials said there was no clue as yet as to the nationality or identity of the bomber, who died in the attack.

“The widest investigation is to be undertaken to determine which organization could be connected to the attack,” Davutoglu said in televised comments, but refused to speculate further.

The female assailant was said to have entered the police station in the Sultanahmet district, detonating the explosives she was carrying on her at about 5 p.m. local time (15:00 GMT).

Istanbul governor Vasip Sahin told Turkish television that the woman had spoken English to officers manning a post meant to help tourists near the Hagia Sophia museum and Blue Mosque. Emergency services were quickly called to the scene and a local tram line halted.

“She approached the police… saying in English: ‘I have lost my wallet.’ That’s all I can say,” Sahin said. “We are trying to identify the attacker.”

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