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”The Jonestown” of Scandinavia.

In Finnish, the word for suicide is translated plainly as ”self murder”, and that is exactly where the Swedish political elites, the academy and the media are leading the country.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

In theory, there are eight different parties represented in the Swedish Parliament (Riksdagen). In reality, there are only two parties: The United Front for National Suicide vs. the Sweden Democrats. The other parties may have their differences here and there. However, when it comes to continued mass immigration and dismantling the Swedish nation state, they act like a hydra with seven heads.

Sweden’s Suicide Pact

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Sweden’s Suicide Pact
by Fjordman

Imagine a country where the Prime Minister announces that new elections are needed, just a few months after the previous general elections were held. Then suddenly, the PM changes his mind a couple of weeks later and states that no new elections are needed, after all. Surely, this must be a banana republic? Well, the country in question is Sweden. The Prime Minister’s name is Stefan Löfven, a Social Democrat. Some outside observers may wonder whether Sweden during December 2014 took a major leap towards banana republic status. Or perhaps we should say banana monarchy, since Swedes still have a king.

At the same time, a 15-year-old boy was arrested after an explosion rocked Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city, on Christmas Eve. The blast was the fourth in the area within a short period. “If you’re 15 years old then you don’t have the know how to make explosives. So we assume he wasn’t alone,” police spokesperson Ewa-Gun Westford told the news agency TT. Residents of the immigrant-dominated area of Rosengård in Malmö, the most Islamic city in Scandinavia, say that living there is a “disaster.” Burning cars, bombs and attacks with hand grenades have become commonplace. People are scared to go outside after dark. Many want to move.

After several bomb attacks in Malmö, the road by the local police station in Davidshall has been sealed off. “It isn’t about a specific threat, rather a general precaution to increase safety,” police spokesperson Stephan Söderholm told local radio. As far away as India, newspaper readers can read about car bombs in Sweden.

On December 27 2014, Sweden’s government announced that it has scrapped plans to hold a snap election in early 2015. Crisis talks were held between Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the center-right Alliance parties to ensure that a minority government can govern. The so-called “December agreement” is valid until 2022. The Sweden Democrats, who won nearly 13 percent of the vote in the September 2014 elections, triggered a political crisis by voting against the Social Democrat/Green coalition’s budget as a protest against the government’s immigration policies. The new deal implies that no other party will cooperate with the Sweden Democrats. Everybody else treats them and their voters like pariahs, including the mass media.

Mattias Karlsson, the acting party leader of the SD, blasted PM Löfven and the Alliance parties and commented that the Sweden Democrats are now the main opposition party in the country. He called for a vote of no confidence in the current Prime Minister. “He doesn’t deserve to govern Sweden,” Karlsson stated.

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