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Making payments on the Enlightenment

Sometimes its about the obvious. After decades and decades of pernicious little lies all adding up to a seismic cultural shift which makes it at best, impolite, to state the obvious and at times actually illegal to state things which are simply and undeniably true. True even to the people arresting you and true even to those who pronounce you guilty. So special laws had to be passed to bypass an axiom of Western jurisprudence, the notion that truth is an absolute defense.

Not anymore it isn’t.

People in England and elsewhere are routinely arrested and even jailed for criticizing Islam under the exegesis of racism, or burning a koran etc. even though all admit Islam is not a race, and even though all will admit that criticism of religious authority is the central pillar of Western Civilization and the defining principle of the Enlightenment itself. So laws had to be passed that defined Islam as a protected ideology and could be slurred together with race. As in, “…denigration of race, religion, …etc. etc”

It needs to be pointed out that this took years upon years to be created as it is so clearly antithetical to all of Western legal and philosophical thought and history. But it can be taken down in an afternoon.

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