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Something for those Israelis pondering about moving to Germany to think about.

Understanding exactly where Islamic antisemitism stems from, Islamic texts, is crucial to understanding what we witness on a daily basis. Dr.Andrew Bostom’s tome on the subject, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism and The Mufti’s Islamic Jew Hatred are must reads.

Anti-Semitic pressure causes school student leader to resign in German city of Offenbach.


A man wears a kippa. . (photo credit:REUTERS)

Berlin- The student spokesman for the city of Offenbach’s school system, Max Moses Bonifer, resigned his post because German Arab and Turkish students attacked him and threatened to kill him.

The German daily FAZ reported on Wednesday that Bonifer said young Muslims have threatened him over the last few weeks because he wore a kippa with a Star of David and yelled at him: “We spit on your people. We’ll find you and kill you.”

Bonifer told the weekly German Jewish paper Jüdische Allgemeine that “since the Gaza conflict in the summer, youths of Arab and Turkish origin have regularly insulted me, spat at me and attacked me.”

Bonifer said he could no longer represent students who wish death for him and the Jewish people.

Offenbach is a small city in the state of Hesse, with a population of roughly 122,000, and borders the financial capital Frankfurt am Main. More than 16,000 German Muslims live in Offenbach.

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  1. So where are the adults and the supervisors and the authorities, and the police? Why is this allowed? It seems that our authorities and leaders etc are more concerned for an alien culture than it is for our own? Our leaders and the authorities in our schools and universities need to be prosecuted for deliberate and willful negligence in doing their duty in protecting its good citizens from the muslim racist supremacists.

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