Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands



Anti-Semitic and anti-Christian graffiti, an Islamo-‘twofer’.

dutch islamic anti-semitism all jews die 2.10.2014.c2

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Graffiti in Dutch Town: ISIS -All Jews Will Die

A school and various buildings in the town of Voorburg have been vandalized with pro-ISIS graffiti and with texts such as “ISIS -All Jews Will Die”.  The police assume that it is just hooliganism. [Comment:  It is easiest for the police to describe it as such because it requires little action from them.]


dutch islamic anti-semitism all jews die 2.10.2014

VOORBURG – More walls in Voorburg daubed with anti-Jewish slogans. At a corner house on the Nicholas Beetslaan state since Sunday ‘ISIS all Jews will die. “

In the same street is a van plastered with the letters ‘ISIS’. A little further to the side of a building at the Herman Heijermanshof the letters ‘ISIS’ followed by an IS-symbol (the Nasara symbol) which is now associated with solidarity with Christians in Iraq and Syria.


The occupant Taira whose corner house is plastered find the slogans’ shocking; “This kind of lyrics you would not expect in a quiet neighborhood,” said the woman. When she wanted to go to bed Sunday night she heard rumblings on the wall. The municipality was already working to remove the text. Wall “But that is not yet succeeded.”


At primary school Driemaster in Voorburg on the Spinozalaan Sunday were anti-Semitic slogans daubed.On the wall were the letters’ Jode die. ” It would also pro-IS-slogans on the walls are.

According to an older single parents keep their children at home because of the slogans. The school has begun to remove the texts. An agent has visited the director of the school.

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  1. You Civilised Dutch should vote for Geert Wilders and put your Muslim morons under the hammer!
    Rot op should be the message to Muslims!

  2. The police have decided it is just vandalism. I bet if it had been anti-muslim the police would have decided it is islamophobic hate speech and would have started a major investigation. Can’t have the easily offended muslims getting upset over a bit of graffiti can we.

  3. Islam is actually Satanism. In other words, Mohammad was not visited by the archangel Gabriel, but by Satan (or possibly Ba’al), or he was simply insane. (The crescent moon and star motif is one of the symbols of Ba’al.) Islam is a death-cult, wanting to murder everyone it doesn’t like; this has nothing to do with God, but everything to do with Satan. The fact that the Koran – ‘Allah’s perfect word’ – has abrogations, proves that it’s not perfect and wasn’t from God. The fact that there are Satanic verses invalidates the whole thing. (If muslims accept that Satan slipped in four verses, which they do, then it brings every single word of the Koran into question.) All the mono-theistic religions are false for the same reasons, but Islam is, currently, the most dangerous, and needs to be eradicated.

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