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Which tells me that his being ”stunned” is all an act.


Suicide bomber killed in Iraq part of wider jihadi base in Calgary

Salman Ashrafi, killed in 2013 suicide attack, lived in same building as 4 other extremist fighters

CBC News Posted: Jun 03, 2014 8:59 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 04, 2014 1:35 AM ET

Calgarian Salman Ashrafi, shown in a recently released 'martyr's notice,' was identified by the al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS as being a suicide bomber behind a November 2013 attack in Iraq.

Calgarian Salman Ashrafi, shown in a recently released ‘martyr’s notice,’ was identified by the al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS as being a suicide bomber behind a November 2013 attack in Iraq. (Twitter)

Homegrown extremism abroad has a new face, and CBC News has learned it belongs to yet another Calgary man, a development that points to the West as a hotbed for exporting jihadis.

His name is Salman Ashrafi, and when the Al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) released images of him last month following a double suicide bombing in Iraq in November that killed 46 people, he was celebrated in a martryrdom notice.

Only then, he was known as Abu Abdullah Al Khorasani.

CBC News has confirmed that Al Khorasani was Ashrafi’s nom de guerre and that he was a Canadian citizen who grew up in the Stampede City, where he went to school and worked.

The Calgarian’s story is one of as many as two dozen others, most of whom left to battle alongside rebel militants in Syria.

At one time, Ashrafi led a lifestyle many would have envied, with jobs at Talisman and Exxon and huge downtown Calgary firms.

Calgary imam stunned

Much has changed since then. The revelation that he killed himself and others as part of an attack for ISIS — a group known for such grotesque violence it has even drawn condemnation from Al-Qaeda — has stunned people who spoke with CBC News and knew him.

Among them was Syed Soharwardy, the prominent Calgary imam.

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  1. Syed Soharwardy – that would be the Pakistani POS who brought the ‘hate speech’ complaint against Ezra Levant at the Alberta HRC kangaroo court for publishing the Danish cartoons, subjecting Ezra to 900 days of prosecution by 15 government lawyers and assorted hacks.

    According to the Calgary Herald, Soharwardy wrote in 2004: ‘Sharia cannot be customized for specific countries. These universal, divine laws are for all people of all countries for all times.’ Ezra notes that the imam’s own website used to say that ‘the nation of Jews will be exterminated.’ But Soharwardy is shocked, shocked! that Muslim youth are being radicalized in Calgary.

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