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Catholic Church Admits Sexual Misbehavior of Dead Bishop

After the story appeared in the media the bishoprie of Roermond admits that Bishop Jo Gijsen abused two boys when he was a chaplain. He died last year. There are many more rumors about his sexual misbehavior both in the Netherlands and Iceland where he later became a bishop. The bishop of Roermond Frans Wiertz apologized to the victims and expressed his regrets that the exemplary function of the late bishop has been damaged.    


Diocese admits abuse of boys by Bishop Gijsen

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© REUTERS. A picture of the deceased former Bishop Jo Gijsen during his funeral in Roermond St. Christopher’s Cathedral.

The diocese of Roermond admits that last year’s deceased former Bishop Jo Gijsen two boys abused. According to a statement from the diocese today after reports this in the Catholic Newspaper.

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    Gijsen was known as a quirky and very conservative bishop. He was from 1972 to 1993, Bishop of Roermond. Gijsen retired at one point back in Austria to be in Iceland. Later Bishop In 2007 he returned to the Netherlands.

The complaints of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church declared two abuse complaints against Gijsen founded, it says in the statement.Gijsen abused the boys at the time he was chaplain and teacher. Bishop Frans Wiertz apologizes to the victims and expresses his sorrow that “the later ecclesiastical position and example of former Bishop Jo Gijsen damaged.” Jo Gijsen could hardly find his way in Catholic circles in the Netherlands. Within the Dutch Bishops’ Conference was the quirky and deeply conservative Gijsen settled in conflict with the more progressive direction of Cardinal Alfrink bishops Bluyssen, Ernst and Möller. The only person he did not get into conflict, was his contemporary and current Cardinal Ad Simonis, who in 1970 was appointed bishop of Rotterdam.

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  1. No open admission from the RCC on this one, but Cardinal Spellman, RCC bishop of NYC from 1939 to 1967, was a flaming you-know-what.

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